Over 130 East-Bloc vehicles meet in Kasterlee (BE)

The Oostblok Meeting is an oldtimer gathering for vehicles from the former Eastern Bloc. This 5th edition counted over 130 vehicles , and fans coming from Belgium, but also from the Netherlands, Germany, France and even the United Kingdom! The Oostblok meeting is a unique opportunity to see these cars - especially on this side of the Iron Curtain. Read More

Rat Rods - The Enduring Fad

“They’re not quite hot rods and not quite street rods. Rat rods are somewhere in-between; the best of them designed by people with Mad Max mentalities. Read More

The Shoe Car Rides Again

Few classics can compete with the Ebano Shoe Car when it comes to head-turning looks and rarity. 70-years after it first hit the road, this one-off vehicle is getting the restoration it deserves. Read More


Bricklin SV-1 : on the edge

Before DeLorean, Malcolm Bricklin also tried to revolutionise the sports car. Through dubious practices, he succeeded in marketing the SV-1, whose career ended in a resounding fiasco. Read More

Future Classics To Invest In

Predicting which cars today will become desirable collectors’ items in the future is not an exact science, but if you know what to look for then you are well placed to pick up a bargain that may one day become a sought-after classic. Read More