BMW Z1 : temporary madness!

In 1989, BMW surprised everyone with the Z1, a convertible with astonishing technical solutions that contrasted with its other, much more traditional models. Read More

Iso Rivolta : from household appliances to cars

The post-war years marked the beginning of the golden age of the automobile. A period that smiled on Renzo Rivolta, an Italian industrialist, who did not hesitate to redirect his activities in order to launch himself as a manufacturer. Read More

Peerless : a short-lived story

Like many British motor racing enthusiasts, James Byrnes dreamed of creating his own sports car. He did just that with Peerless, a brand that only produced cars for three short years. Read More


Peel : micro-machines

Improving mobility in cities is not a new concern, as demonstrated by the small British manufacturer Peel, which has produced two unique microcars. Read More

Citroën M35 : deliberate omission

It's not just Tesla that has used its customers as guinea pigs to test new products. Citroën did it more than 50 years ago with the strange M35, a prototype designed to test the Wankel engine. Read More

Trabant : the car for everyone

The Trabant was the people's car designed by the communist government of the GDR after the Second World War. Technically simplistic and highly polluting, it did not survive German reunification in 1989. Read More