The "black cab": a long history!

On the streets of London, taxis are ubiquitous: they have been an inseparable part of the city for many, many years. We take you on a journey to explore the history of the 'Black Cab'. Read More

Alvis: from luxury cars to military equipment

Despite its elegant, sporty and technologically advanced cars, Alvis is one of the least-known of the vanished British marques. Here's the story of a firm that disappeared too quickly from the automotive landscape. Read More


Bugatti Type 101 : last stand

After the Second World War, Bugatti was in dire straits, with major cash flow problems. After the death of Ettore Bugatti, his son Roland tried to revive the brand with the Type 101. Unfortunately, this opportunity was missed due to a lack of funds... Read More

BMW M1, the missed opportunity

With the M1, BMW had a winning machine that did little racing in the end, while its 'civilian' version did not really find its clientele because of its high price. Read More

BMW Z1 : Temporary lane change

In 1989, BMW surprised everyone with the Z1, a convertible with innovative technical solutions that contrasted with its other, much more traditional models. Read More

Panther : the sky's the limit!

For just over twenty years, the British manufacturer Panther has been producing unique cars for customers who like to stand out from the crowd. Read More

Iso Rivolta : from household appliances to cars

The post-war years marked the beginning of the golden age of the automobile. A period that smiled on Renzo Rivolta, an Italian industrialist, who did not hesitate to redirect his activities in order to launch himself as a manufacturer. Read More