Autobianchi, the specialist in small models

Founded in 1955, the Autobianchi brand was born of the merger of three major Italian manufacturers. Specialising in the production of small cars, its existence was relatively discreet, despite some original technical choices. Read More

NSU RO80, the swan song

Before disappearing forever after being absorbed by Audi, NSU produced the RO80, an attractive saloon with a very modern appearance. Unfortunately, the boldness shown by the German firm did not pay off. Read More


Iconic 1954 Ferrari 625 F1 for auction at RM Sotheby's

Representing one of the most dominant periods in Scuderia Ferrari history, including Ferrari’s first Drivers’ World Championship, and claiming important ownership provenance and racing use by Jacques Swaters’ Ecurie Francorchamps and the legendary Marquis de Portago, this extremely rare 625 F1 would make a fabulous addition to any collection. Read More

The "black cab": a long history!

On the streets of London, taxis are ubiquitous: they have been an inseparable part of the city for many, many years. We take you on a journey to explore the history of the 'Black Cab'. Read More

Castrol blows 125 candles!

To celebrate its 125th anniversary, Castrol has released a stunning video that brings Sir Charles Wakefield back to life using AI. Read More

Porsche - Driven By Dreams : A dreamlike success

Autoworld brought the 'Porsche - Driven By Dreams' exhibition to a festive close on Sunday 25 February with a special 'Cars & Coffee' event attracting hundreds of Porsches and other classic cars to the Parc du Cinquantenaire. The unprecedented collection of unique Porsches was warmly welcomed by many enthusiasts, marking an enthusiastic farewell. The exhibition broke a remarkable record, welcoming more than 73,500 visitors. Read More