Cobra Shelby, from darkness to light

In the early 1960s, racing driver Carroll Shelby had to face the fact that his heart problems were no longer compatible with his career. He then embarked on a career as a car tuner. Read More


The Z Trophy 2021, a sold out edition!

The organisation had confirmed its traditional "Z" Oldtimers Trophy which took place on Sunday 20th June with a programme of conviviality, discovery and friendship! (Re)Discover the magnificent moments of this day! Read More

TERRE DI CANOSSA 2021: Corona was unable to prevent the 11th edition.

Last weekend saw the 11th edition of the Terre Di Canossa in Italy. The rally took the participants through different regions such as Emilia, Liguria and Tuscany. One would dream of less in these Covid times. The participants covered 650 km, 63 regularity tests and 6 average speed tests in three days. Read More