Peerless : a short-lived story

Like many British motor racing enthusiasts, James Byrnes dreamed of creating his own sports car. He did just that with Peerless, a brand that only produced cars for three short years. Read More

Over 130 East-Bloc vehicles meet in Kasterlee (BE)

The Oostblok Meeting is an oldtimer gathering for vehicles from the former Eastern Bloc. This 5th edition counted over 130 vehicles , and fans coming from Belgium, but also from the Netherlands, Germany, France and even the United Kingdom! The Oostblok meeting is a unique opportunity to see these cars - especially on this side of the Iron Curtain. Read More

Peel : micro-machines

Improving mobility in cities is not a new concern, as demonstrated by the small British manufacturer Peel, which has produced two unique microcars. Read More


Citroën M35 : deliberate omission

It's not just Tesla that has used its customers as guinea pigs to test new products. Citroën did it more than 50 years ago with the strange M35, a prototype designed to test the Wankel engine. Read More

EVENT: Campfire & Landrovers - 14-16 July 2023

Immerse yourself in a bespoke 2-day Land Rover adventure, surrounded by a select group of 20 connoisseurs. Revel in the charm of serene countryside walks, traverse a carefully chosen landscape, and indulge in gourmet campfire cuisine. Read More

Rat Rods - The Enduring Fad

“They’re not quite hot rods and not quite street rods. Rat rods are somewhere in-between; the best of them designed by people with Mad Max mentalities. Read More