Flanders Collection Cars 2023

On 18 and 19 February, the 33rd edition of the classic car show Flanders Collection Cars will be held at Flanders Expo in Ghent (Belgium). This year, the theme of 'off-roading' will be in the spotlight. Read More

Future Classics To Invest In

Predicting which cars today will become desirable collectors’ items in the future is not an exact science, but if you know what to look for then you are well placed to pick up a bargain that may one day become a sought-after classic. Read More


Matra Rancho, the all-rounder

With a lot of ideas and few resources, the Matra Automobiles team was able to concoct the Rancho, a concept vehicle that foreshadowed the SUV, many years in advance! Read More

Oldsmobile Toronado : all in front!

Little known in Europe, the Oldsmobile Toronado was the first General Motors car to adopt front-wheel drive, which did not particularly confuse a very traditionalist clientele. Read More

Monica V8, the French sedan that dreamed of greatness

When a manufacturer of railway equipment with no experience in the automotive industry starts manufacturing a luxury car, the chances of success are rather slim. In the case of Jean Tastevin and his Monica, there was unfortunately no miracle. Read More

Spa 6 hours 2022

Discover the magnificent photos of our reporter Vincent Dehon during the Spa Six Hours 2022 at Spa Francorchamps Read More

Zoute Grand Prix 2022, 13th edition

The 13th edition of the ZOUTE GRAND PRIX WEEK took place in Knokke-Heist. The uniqueness of the event, with more than 600 exclusive historic and modern cars and the nice weather, attracted many people to the seaside town. On Saturday and Sunday, the event welcomed more than 10,000 paying visitors. Read More