Le Mans Classic 2023 ended under the theme of the Centenary of 24 Hours of Le Mans. A record-breaking weekend that saw 235,000 spectators come to contemplate the history of motor sport, represented by more than 800 racing cars dating from 1923 to 2010. After 24 hours of racing on the Sarthe circuit, it’s time to look forward to the next edition of Le Mans Classic in two years’ time!

Le Mans, the name immediately makes you dream away to the days when drivers still walked to their cars. The mechanics, the matching costumes and music, everything was present and more, on this 100th anniversary.
Various shop stalls exhibiting goods that referred to bygone eras and mythical races, numerous food and drink stalls and even dance halls, everything contributed to a great nostalgic atmosphere.
On top of that, there was a race for the little ones and the planes that flew over were from different decades of last century.

And then there were the cars! Upon entering, you were confronted with about 20 GT 40s and that was just a small taste of what was on display. The various clubs, owners and the museum managed to bring together some 800 racing cars and you could also find some very nice cars among the visitors.

But the centre of attention was still the race.
24 hours at a stretch, they alternated between six different periods of Le Mans' past. And it has to be said, they all drove at the cutting edge. What a spectacle it was, to see the priceless gems spitting fire before the corners, only to have to fight each other to keep their place.

© Images and text: Sven Vermeulen

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