Merely the smartest couples make it through the DomDomDom Rally…

The DomDomDom Rally is a unique tour-rally for mixed couples: every equipe consists of a man and woman. Will she be the best driver and he the best navigator? Or vice versa? Whether you’re an experienced rally driver or not, the ‘basic’ or ‘experienced’ class provides an appropriate challenge for every participant. Read More

Your car may be a future classic

The phasing out of the internal combustion engine and simultaneous introduction of autonomous driving technology may make your current car a rare classic in the years to come. Read More

Raidillon Rally 2016

From the 30th of September till the 2nd of October, the Belgian watch brand Raidillon organizes the 4th edition of the Raidillon Rally on a three days basis - two nights - to enjoy the roads of the Rally Raidillon driving your own classic car while contributing to the association la Tête Hors de l'Eau. Read More