From 8-10 December, the Dubai Autodrome will transform into a hub for racing enthusiasts, as legendary championship and race-winning machinery from the annals of motorsport will compete in the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival.

2023 will mark the third running of the event, which is a unique opportunity for fans of all ages to witness thrilling racing and immerse themselves in the glamour, exhilaration and entertainment of classic motor racing.

Five categories of racing action will have fans on the edge of their seats across the three days, bringing together an unmissable selection of formidable and rarely seen racing machinery.



  • Championship and race winning machinery from F1 and sports car racing to compete at the Dubai Autodrome from 8-10 December
  • Legends of Le Mans including five staggering Ford GT40s, Porsche 962 and Peugot 90X, while F1 thoroughbreds such as Ferrari 643, Tyrell 012 and Hesketh 308C will feature
  • Spirit of classic motor racing to be bought back to life with 70s themed paddock brimming with exquisite hospitality and live music 


As well as bringing together some of the world’s most legendary racing machinery, the all-new Dubai Classics category will curate a wonderfully unique display of the region’s rarely seen classic cars. These cars will take to the track in three 20-minute demonstrations across the race weekend, and with only 30 spaces available in this exclusive category, time is running out to enter.

Pierre-Brice Mena, Managing Director of GP Extreme, commented: “Bold, enigmatic and exhilarating, the style and essence of classic racing is something that needs to be experienced to be truly understood. The sights, sounds and smells of classic Formula One and sports car racing is unlike anything on the planet, and the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival offers these in abundance. 


Ford GT40

Earning legendary status by toppling Ferrari off its perch at Le Mans, the Ford GT40 embodies everything that makes racing so thrilling. With a thunderous Ford V8 engine providing immense torque, power and performance, and its unmistakably sleek aerodynamic design, the GT40 has even been further immortalised on the silver screen. 

At this year’s Gulf Historic Dubai GP, five stupendous Ford GT40s will test their endurance racing prowess once again, competing in the 3-hour Dubai Sunset Revival night race.



Porsche 962

An icon of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Porsche 962 will most certainly whet the appetites of fans and guests at this year’s event, competing in the Le Mans 80s category. This particular 962 has an extensive history of success in sports car racing, including wins at the Kyalami 500km, the 200 miles of Nürnberg, and a plethora of podiums across the world.



Peugeot 90X

Constructors Champion of the 2011 Intercontinental Le Mans Cup, and third place finisher at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Peugeot 90X is no stranger to the podium. Representing the modern excellence of sports car racing at this year’s event, the 90X will compete in two races as part of the Le Mans 00s category. 



Tyrell 012

Driven by legends of Formula One, including Martin Brundle, Stefan Johansson and Michaele Alboreto, the Tyrell 012 was a car that helped these drivers make their name within the sport. Powered by the ubiquitous Cosworth-DFV engine, the Tyrell 012 simply cannot be missed at this year’s Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival, as it is raced in anger once again in the Formula One 70s+ category. 


Hesketh 308C

Is there an individual who typifies the rock ‘n’ roll attitude and lifestyle of classic motor racing more than James Hunt? Coupled with the disruptive, care-free nature of the Hesketh team, the combination of team and driver was a recipe for total unadulterated chaos.


Ferrari 643

The Scuderia’s entrant for the 1991 season, the Ferrari 643 was driven by the legendary four-time world champion, Alain Prost and his teammate, Jean Alesi. Driven to six podiums across the season, ‘the professor’, picked up an unforgettable third-place in front of the adoring tifosi at Monza. 



Many of these cars will be seen for the very first time in Dubai at this year’s Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival, supporting the growing demand and interest in motorsport within the region. Other confirmed cars include the 1981 F1 Constructors’ Champion, the Williams FW07C, serial IMSA winner, the Nissan NPT-90, and Tyrell’s final grand prix winning car, the Tyrell 01.

“We’ve curated a stunning grid of championship and grand prix winners, podium sitters and competitors from the most exciting racing categories from across the world of motorsport. Fans, visitors and guests will have the opportunity to sample unbelievable and immersive wheel-to-wheel racing, witnessing action that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.” said Pierre-Brice Mena.



Off-track, the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival will be a portal into an era when motorsport was all about glitz, glamour and sheer excess. From the 70s dress code to the local cuisine and pumping entertainment, the paddock will be the nucleus of the event – a space where fans can get close to the gladiators driving the cars and throw themselves into the atmosphere of the event.”

For those looking to revel in the exclusivity that is synonymous with motorsport, a range of uncompromising hospitality packages have now been announced. Guests can kick back in The Gentlemen Drivers’ Club, feel the thrill of the pit lane in the Pits Club, or enjoy everything the exclusive, tailor-made lounge has to offer its corporate guests. 

Words and Images courtesy: Newspress UK



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