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Immerse yourself in a bespoke 2-day Land Rover adventure, surrounded by a select group of 20 connoisseurs. Revel in the charm of serene countryside walks, traverse a carefully chosen landscape, and indulge in gourmet campfire cuisine.

Share in the appreciation of your cherished vehicles whilst basking in the warmth of a crackling fire. A delectable Sunday brunch concludes the refined weekend. Experience discreet luxury in the great outdoors.


Quiet luxury events nestled within thecaptivating Belgian scenery offer anunparalleled opportunity to escape theclamour of everyday life. 

Embrace the tranquillity of nature, whilestill indulging in the exquisite comfortsthat define sophistication. Thesegatherings seamlessly blend the beautyof the outdoors with the refined pleasuresof life, allowing you to forge lastingconnections with like-mindedenthusiasts. 

Experience the allure of the Belgiancountryside as it enhances life's finerindulgences. 


At our exclusive event, you'll be enveloped in an atmosphereof warmth and sophistication, where camaraderie and sharedpassions take center stage. 

Surrounded by like-minded individuals, you'll relish thecompany of fellow outdoor enthusiasts and connoisseurs offine food. This convivial environment fosters deep connectionsand lasting memories, as we celebrate our love for nature,exquisite cuisine, and the distinguished lifestyle that unites us. 

Your host

Meet your host, Thérèse-Marie Becker, a remarkableconnoisseur of elegance and adventure. As a skilledmechanic and Land Rover aficionado, she effortlesslyfuses her passions for the great outdoors, style, and theworld of mechanics. Thérèse-Marie's journey is markedby her dedication to inspiring others through her uniqueblend of experiences. Join her for this captivating event,and be enthralled by the harmonious coexistence ofsophistication and adventure that defines her world.

The weekend

Friday evening

  • Guests arrive and settle into their luxurious tents. They will spend the night onextraordinarily comfortable INTEX inflatable Mattresses.
  • Evening mingling session to get acquainted with fellow Land Rover& adventuresenthusiasts


  • Morning: Delight in a refined, light breakfast amidst the serene natural setting
  • Mid-Morning: Embark on a one of a kind adventure on the military traininggrounds of Bourg-Leopold. A fantastic adventure of endurance and skillfuldriving.
  • Lunch: Indulge in a gourmet, al fresco lunch, included in the event package
  • Afternoon: Traverse the Belgian countryside in your Land Rovers to a carefullychosen location Return to the campsite and prepare for the evening's festivities
  • Late Afternoon: Showcase your esteemed vehicles whilst sharing stories andforging bonds with fellow guests
  • Evening: Gather around the campfire for a delectable meal prepared by ChefGeraldine Marien, celebrating the camaraderie and share your tales ofOverlanding adventures.
  • Night: Enjoy the peacefulness of the Night in nature, sleeping on luxurious andsoft INTEX inflatable Mattresses


  • Morning: Wake up in a sumptuous, leisurely brunch, soaking up the finalmoments of this unforgettable experience
  • Mid-Morning: Fond farewells as guests depart, enriched by the memories andconnections made over the weekend

Lodging: a refined tent experience

Embrace the enchantment of nature with oursophisticated tent accommodations. Each guestor couple will be assigned a private, spacious tentfor the duration of the event, offering acomfortable and elegant retreat amid the serenesurroundings. Tents are designed toaccommodate two people, featuring a cosydouble bed for a restful night's sleep.

To ensure your stay is tailored to your personalpreferences, we kindly request that guests bringtheir own bedding and linen. T

his allows you to create an intimate andpersonalised space within your tent, reflectingyour unique tastes.

Feel free to arrange your tent as you please,taking advantage of the opportunity to shapeyour own private sanctuary in the heart of thebeautiful Belgian countryside.

Additional information

LOCATION: Private Grounds of the Chateau de Cartier in Arendonk (BE)
MEAT PROVIDER : Family Butcher in the Belgian Ardennes (Gedinne)
DRINKS PARTNERS: Champagne V. Tattinger, Brasserie Het Nest (Distillateur du whisky Kempisch Vuur 6 Years Limited Finish Series nr2 Calvados Cask)

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