Ford Mustang, the golden age of pony cars

To sell cars, you have to give the customer the impression that they are getting value for money. This is what Ford did with the Mustang, a sporty looking model aimed at children from the Baby Boom. Read More


Bugatti EB 110 : flawed perfection

When the Italian industrialist Romano Artioli bought the rights to Bugatti in 1987, he saw things in a big way and launched the EB 110, one of the most powerful supercars of its time. Unfortunately, the efforts were not always rewarded. Read More

Ferrari F40, Enzo's last wish

The Ferrari F40, the manufacturer's technological showcase, celebrated its 40th anniversary with panache. This supercar also marked the beginning of a new era for the prancing horse firm after the death of its creator. Read More

Aston Martin DB5, 007's jewel

A few days before the release of the 25th instalment of the James Bond saga, "No Time To Die", we look back at the most iconic car in the career of Her Majesty's spy, the Aston Martin DB5. Read More

Jensen Interceptor: the 4x4 sportscar

Made in the UK, the Jensen Interceptor coupe combined British elegance and Italian styling with the fury of a big American V8 engine. A surprising but very pleasing combination. Read More

Ford GT40, Ford's revenge

Born out of Henry Ford II's frustration, the Ford GT40 went on to compete in the world's most prestigious races with the best drivers of the 1960s. Read More

AC Ace : a foot in the door

AC's first all-new sports car after the Second World War, the Acea brought success to the small brand after a very long period of bad luck Read More