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Thursday, October 8th 2015

Obviously stepping on a A380 with 500 passengers is already an experience in itself. We left Belgium and Amsterdam embarking for a 10hours very comfortable journey even in economy class! Arriving, disembarking was very peaceful and we were happy to find back on time all our luggage and belongings. The border process was also smoothless and in no time we jumped in a taxi after a nice capuccino from Starbucks (yes, they exist here too !)

1h20 of driving through the Beijing countryside later, we were greeted by the very nice and charming enthusiastic team of the 4C organization. The first impression, we were a bit lost, not easy to exchange in english is part of great feeling of being totally somewhere else and having to adapt to unknown situations. We don 't know what to do, what to prepare...the only thing sure is....the jetlag...

After a few administrative activities we were happy to be able to enjoy the Gala Dinner. a very formal and very professional presentation with everybody. It s breathtaking to get introduced to a program which seems to be absolutely fantastic and taking classic car driving to a more exciting level, being able to discover a new country and certainly the organizers seem to want us to enjoy every part of it in the program laid in front of us...

The first evening we a long and entertaining one, and we can't wait to recover of our jetlag in the suite arranged for us... stay tuned...


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