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Tuesday, October 13th 2015

What a relief, a full day without driving. For most it was finally the opportunity to recover from 2 very long days driving in the madness to arrive in time at the various point checks.

Opportunity to enjoy the breakfast and exchange experience with the other teams.

We can salute the various mechanical support teams that were lying on the ground to repair fallen exhaust pipes and assist all of us getting our cars fixed and bring levels back up. All with a smile !

Opportunity for all of us to say thank you and thumbs up for the supporting staff, always there, calm and enthusiastic to support all of us to enjoy a smooth rally.

In the afternoon, a bus took us in the most soothing temple there is, in this 5mio habitants town, the 2 hours spent there was opportunity to wonder around, in lost alleys, watch the fish tanks and also spot in one of the corner an older couple of musicians, playing vintage violin for themselves.

I sat down next to them for a while, looking at the sky and taking my time…until they spotted me and they HAD to play me an european song, and they played “happy birthday to you”… touching…

Returning to the hotel, jumping into a more formal dress, it’s with a mind in peace we ended up in a traditional restaurant where the young staff took again pleasures taking numerous selfies with us. I guess it’s a sign that it’s not all about the car this time. Good for the ego :-)

For some of us, after an interesting wine tasting experience on the parking lot in tea mugs, there was the karaoke experience. I can still see my self singing the titanic song with an echo, drinking Tsing Tao beer in comfortable coaches…I believe Celine Dion would kill me…but luckily, she is in Vegas…

Tomorrow, we ll be back on our feet to keep the scores…

© Text Fred G. / Pictures Denis de Wagheneire

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