Citroën M35 : deliberate omission

It's not just Tesla that has used its customers as guinea pigs to test new products. Citroën did it more than 50 years ago with the strange M35, a prototype designed to test the Wankel engine. Read More

EVENT: Campfire & Landrovers - 14-16 July 2023

Immerse yourself in a bespoke 2-day Land Rover adventure, surrounded by a select group of 20 connoisseurs. Revel in the charm of serene countryside walks, traverse a carefully chosen landscape, and indulge in gourmet campfire cuisine. Read More


Rat Rods - The Enduring Fad

“They’re not quite hot rods and not quite street rods. Rat rods are somewhere in-between; the best of them designed by people with Mad Max mentalities. Read More

Z Trophy 2023

The countdown is accelerating like a speeding car! So is the latest news that is rather pleasing. Read More

Glas, the incredible gamble

Based in Dingolfing, Glas only produced cars for 18 years and evolved very quickly, before being absorbed by a famous Bavarian firm. Read More

Trabant : the car for everyone

The Trabant was the people's car designed by the communist government of the GDR after the Second World War. Technically simplistic and highly polluting, it did not survive German reunification in 1989. Read More

The Shoe Car Rides Again

Few classics can compete with the Ebano Shoe Car when it comes to head-turning looks and rarity. 70-years after it first hit the road, this one-off vehicle is getting the restoration it deserves. Read More