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Every year, Cape Town witnesses a spectacular gathering of classic car and motorcycle enthusiasts at the Timour Hall Villa in Plumstead. The Annual Classic Car & Bike Show is a much-anticipated event organised by the experienced Crankhandle club. Beyond the gleaming exteriors of vintage vehicles and the thrill of motorcycle displays, this event serves a noble cause – raising funds for various initiatives.

The event is a treasure trove for automotive enthusiasts, boasting autojumble stalls and a captivating lineup of cars and motorcycles for sale. The venue becomes a haven for admirers of all things automotive, showcasing the timeless beauty of veteran vehicles curated by the esteemed Crankhandle club.

This year, the show featured an exciting display of new additions, both in the realm of classic cars and motorcycles, ensuring there was something for every enthusiast. Car enthusiasts were treated to an impressive array of club representations, including iconic names like MG, Jaguar, Morris and Ford. All those club are listed on our website here.

Two Decades of Excellence

Having spanned over two decades, the Classic Car and Bike Show has etched its place as a 'must-do' event on the Cape Town calendar. Originating in 1999, the show's inaugural edition in January 2000 featured only a handful of clubs. However, the winning formula of showcasing classic vehicles in a vibrant atmosphere quickly garnered popularity. Over the years, the event expanded, evolving into a two-day extravaganza in 2006.

One of the Star of the show a Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing

Modern Classics and Future Classics

In a strategic move to appeal to a broader audience, the organizers decided to extend the event to two days. The first day is dedicated to Modern and Future Classics, attracting younger generations with an interest in the evolving world of automotive design and technology. Vintage Classics take center stage on the second day, paying homage to the timeless appeal of cars from bygone eras.

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