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The Elegance Tour, presented by Rolex and organized on the Thursday preceding the actual competition, is - for me - one of the most beautiful days of the week. At least when the weather is nice as it has been these recent years.

The tour allows for you to see a large part of the plateau with breathtaking scenery, taking Highway 1 which borders the Pacific to Big Sur and return by Carmel and its ‘17 Mile Drive’. It is neither a race nor a regularity test, but it allows to decide between possible ex-aequo during the Competition.

The start sign is given at 9:00 am in two successive waves. The route follows the narrow winding roads of the hinterland towards Carmel Valley, to then join Highway 1 in the direction of Big Sur, best known for its artistic community. Then a return to Carmel-By-The-Sea for a lunch around 12:30 pm, returning to Pebble Beach again on 17 Miles Drive. It is always a challenge to find a new scenic place to photograph that can surprise the competitors outside the busy traffic. This was an intense journey. The event attracts quite a lot of people, because nothing beats a car in action. 

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