M&S2017 by Christophe Batut_5936.jpg

For the 4th edition, we tweaked the formula that made this event a success. No less than 20 car rides and accompanied motorcycle rides, test drives of motorcycles and cars, two competitions of style, cars and motorcycles, an exhibition of arts, exhibitions of motorcycles and cars of character, concerts, a lifestyle area, drinks and catering are offered throughout the weekend.

Happiness, smiles and good times shared!

Summarize of the event:

2 days of festival

110 hectares of park

6,800 visitors / 4,000 vehicles

1,200 people / 1,000 vehicles taken on ride and walk

1 scrambler track

30 exhibitors

4 motorcycle brands

1 car brand

10 motorcycle preparers

12 clubs gathered

1 Dragster Rocket Car

7 food trucks

2 drink stands

4 concerts

2 style Contest

2 travel conferences

1 happy and exhausted organizing team

© Credits pictures Christophe BATUT

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