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To inaugurate - in the most beautiful way - the new housing and meeting room complex at the Fairway One of Pebble Beach, the promoters of the site had invited Ferrari to the location by simply naming it 'Casa Ferrari'. And for good reason: 70th years Ferrari should be celebrated. The United States are known for excess, so 70 Ferrari’s for 70 years of passion were exhibited. Even if there were sometimes duplicates to be spotted such as the 512 BBLM, 288 GTO, 599 GTO, 275 GTB, while a 348 TB, F355, a world champion F1 or 166 MM for example. Fairway One is a magnificent location for this extraordinary party. Judge for yourself by seeing the photos of the 70 models presented as well as by the program 'Tailor Made' Ferrari Classic for 2017: 70 modern Ferrari in an oldtimer costume for a handpicked audience.

© Bruno Dugauquier

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