The Godelieve tour

beRoeselare, Belgium  
Event Type
Rally, Tour
30 June 2018
Belgium Roeselare
[email protected]

Tour of 95 km on rural roads. 
Start at 13 o'clock, pick up a road book from 12 o'clock. 
Arrival around 17h30 in the Honzebroekstraat 19. 
Registration per person 30 euro (children up to 12 years: 15 euro). 
Included in the price of consumptions, rally plate, memento and dinner. 
Register in advance until June 25, 2018. 
Payment on account no. BE96 0010 3669 7705 
With reference to Godelievetour (applies as registration). 
Be quick. 
Contact André Decuypere - tel.0486 / 71 27 14 - 0483/26 81 88 
[email protected]

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