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30 July 2017
France Paris Paris Départ esplanade du Château de Vincennes 75000 Paris

The notoriety of "Vincennes en Anciennes" was mainly built around its emblematic Traversées de Paris (one in January, the other in the summer).
Created in 1998, "Vincennes en Anciennes" is today the first multi-brand association of vintage cars. It welcomes more than 1,200 members, men and women, a park of 3,000 cars. Very active, it also participates in events and parades (Rétromobile, Chantilly, Reims ...), joins numerous operations (Telethon, European Heritage Days, associations day, national day of vintage vehicles) and organizes its own Outputs.

10th Crossing of Paris, hair in the wind!
For this great summer rendezvous of fine mechanical enthusiasts, "Vincennes en Anciennes" has chosen the theme of coupes, convertibles and motorbikes; Fenouil, famous pilot, will sponsor this edition.
More than 700 crews will set out to attack the capital from the esplanade of the Château de Vincennes.
Upon arrival in Meudon, a US military camp, presented by UNIVEM, will welcome visitors and an exhibiting village with partners of the Crossing, professionals and creators.
It is therefore with a rich event, entirely dedicated to vintage vehicles that Vincennes en Anciennes will close its season.

Originally, coupes and cabriolets are terms derived from horse-drawn cars. They designate a closed body with two doors and two side windows for the coupe, and a light two-wheeled and two-seater car with a convertible top or roof for the convertible. Today, these words are devoted to a type of automobile body. The coupé is a two-door car with two or four seats, most often of a sporting character; The convertible is an open car that can be discovered thanks to a hood or a retractable roof with a fixed windscreen and doors without a top frame. The cabriolets evoke the joys of driving on winding roads, a certain art of living far from the preoccupations of everyday life. The Sunbeam Alpine remembers "from hand to neck".

It is a 403 cabriolet that will open the ball, followed by Porsche 911, Buick Riviera or Lotus Elan ...
If cars, tractors, buses, light trucks and bicycles are also part of the celebration, cars, trucks and motorbikes will be honored for this Crossing, provided they are over 30 years of age.

"Les Traversées de Paris are moments of festive, colorful sharing that present motley vehicles of all brands and countries. An opportunity for young and old to discover or rediscover the richness of rolling heritage. Over time, manufacturers have never lacked imagination, innovations have followed the times. Les Traversées perfectly illustrates these evolutions aimed at comfort, safety and aesthetics, "says Jacques d'Andréa, President of Vincennes en Anciennes.

A surprise tour from Paris to Meudon
The vehicles will leave the Esplanade of the Château de Vincennes and will join the Terrace of the Observatory of Meudon for a journey of about thirty kilometers.
Unpublished, the route of the Crossing will reserve some surprises and the itinerary will remain secret until the last minute.
The crews will be dressed in white or vintage dress.
Three buses are available for the public to take part in the crossing and the picnic (Booking in the obligatory buses: 10 €, limited number of places, plan a picnic).

Fenouil, a godfather of the Traversée from the world of adventure and mechanical exploration
Jean-Claude Morellet, Fennel for the

Opening hours: 7.30 am departure

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