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Organizing a rally in the current times, some would be discouraged at the idea of ​​having to respect all the imposed hygienic instructions. With the exception of...

The organization, with Charles-Henri 't Kint at the head of a talented team, was reassuring at all levels.

This year, the discovery of 3 Belgian vineyards was on the program, each located in an enchanting setting in the presence of their passionate winegrowers.

The breakfast was served by group of 2 people on arrival allowing all participants to enjoy a welcome by "bubble" in the magnificent vineyard estate of the Château de Bousval.

The timed departures took the cars through the most beautiful roads in the Namur region to finally arrive in the enchanting setting of the Château de Bioul where Andy and Vanessa Wyckmans - Vaxelaire welcomed the participants. The romantic lunch, Covid-19 obliges, allowed the "bubbles" to enjoy a delicious meal.

The afternoon road book guided the classic cars on the most beautiful roads in the region to finally find their way to the last Vignoble des Agaises - Ruffus.

During the day the association "La Maison Les Gais Lurons", a NGO active in supporting sick children was helped thanks to the generosity of the participants and partners.  More info:

This rally could not have taken place without the help of its loyal partners Assurances Mortelmans, Monsieur Pneus, Gentleman Driver Center, Polestar Brussels, Raidillon, Volvo Sterckx and many others.

Photos © Denis De Wagheneire


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