Wales Trans Snowdonia

beVeurne, Belgium  
Event Type
Rally, Tour
29 May 2019 to 02 June 2019
Belgium Veurne 8630 Veurne

Trans Snowdonia, 29 May to 2 June 2019
Suitable for all roadsters, sports cars, vintage cars.
During the Ascension weekend we will go to Wales, from Tuesday 29 May to Sunday 02 June. We are going to drive the Trans Snowdonia. 5 full days through the breathtaking and fairytale landscape of Wales.
Snowdonia is a mountainous area in the north of Wales, and is a National Park with a size of approximately 2170 km². The area is known for the spectacular mountain landscapes and is a popular tourist attraction. It was the first of three national parks in Wales and was designated as such in 1951. You get the opportunity through Via Greenlane adventure to make an unforgettable trek through this beautiful nature reserve with your sports car. We spend the night in beautiful typical English hotels.