SWEDEN - The Saab Festival 2010

seTrollhättan , Sweden  
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Club Meeting
15 July 2010 to 18 July 2010
Sweden Trollhättan
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The Festival kicks off
The Saab Festival kicks off with a variety of activities already on Thursday. A good starting point för the Festival is the Saab Car Museum, the hub around which most of the Festival revolves. And of course the Saab Car Museum will be open all week. And most possibly there will be one or two surprises for the visitors in the exhibition.

The Midnight Sun Rally
During Thursday and Friday the Midnight Sun Rally passes thru Trollhättan. The cars will come to Trollhättan on Thursday afternoon for an overnight stop. Park Fermé will be at the Saab Car Museum. If you want to see and hear more than 20 Saabs together will 150 other historic cars in full action this is something you just don't want to miss. (The Midnight Sun Rally was originally arranged between 1950 and 1964. The rally was re-established in 2006 as a historical rally, and participating cars must not be newer than 1981. Find out more about the rally thru their website via the link below.

Local event for the whole family
The Saab Festival 2010 is coinciding with the city of Trollhättans biggest annual event - "Fallens Dagar" (The Waterfall Days) - It's one of the biggest tourist attractions of the whole summer season (except the Saab Festival of course=) with lots and lots of activities, artists and of course, water in the impressive water falls that Trollhättan is so famous for. See more about "Fallens Dagar" via the link below.

Factory Tours
Since the factory will be in full production due to the launch of the new Saab 9-5, we will be able offer you factory tours for you to see the production of what might be your new car at close range. We will be back with timetables and booking procedures shortly.

Guided tours and seminars at ANA Trollhättan
The worlds biggest Saab dealer and reference plant for Saab Automobile, ANA Trollhättan will arrange guided tours of the facilities and also host interesting seminars during the day. And while there, why don't take a test drive in one of the latest models in their demo fleet. There will also be a number of seminars at the Saab Car Museum.

Scenic Drive
A good way of discovering the beautiful scenery of the West Coast of Sweden is to take a scenic drive in your Saab. Roadbooks with directions and tourist attraction recommendations along the way will be available at the museum.
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