Event Type
Rally, Tour
01 October 2017
Belgium Kruishoutem 9771 Kruishoutem
[email protected]

«L'Art de Vadrouiller» organizes touristic tours on a secret trail for old-timers or exclusive cars. These routes are driven on public roads in accordance with applicable laws and traffic rules. «L'Art de Vadrouiller» explains the application of the traffic regulations throughout the tour. The tour is only presented with a roadbook. The participants are expected at a secret location, one hour's drive from Brussels, for breakfast and briefing. During this tour, participants will be able to explore the province of East Flanders along winding roads. Their knowledge and observability will help them to answer a questionnaire and to determine the final classification.
After a cozy trip of a hundred kilometers, everyone can enjoy an aperitif and a meal awaiting the award ceremony.

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