Coupe de Belgique 2023

beIeper, Belgium   be Menen, Belgium
Event Type
Rally Competition
21 April 2023 to 21 September 2023
Departure location
Belgium West-Vlaanderen, Frans-Vlaanderen, Henegouwen 8900 Ieper Grote Markt, 8900 Ieper
Arrival location
Belgium West-Vlaanderen 8930 Menen
Event organiser
The Grand Touring Company
Inserted By
Nicolas Geerts
[email protected]

Coupe de Belgique 2023

Sometimes you just want to go riding, a spur of the moment thing. The sun is shining, your schedule is empty and you feel like taking a spontaneous spin.

We know this feeling, it usually starts on Wednesday evening. Unfortunately, it is not easy to pack your things and set off 1-2-3, especially if you want to go ball-pole. Someone always has to take the lead and these are usually the same people.

That's why we designed the Coupe de Belgique two years ago. That way you have all the advantages, but none of the burdens. We take care of those. So you get two professional roadbooks from us with a guarantee of beautiful roads. For the combative, we added a competitive element.

Order a package per team on our webshop and receive a kit for a weekend of driving fun.

You will receive:
- 2 roadbooks (Ypres - Cassel 5FR) - Menen & Tournai - Thuin = 2*160km),
- 1 rally plate and 2 stickers,
- 1 manual,
- 2 suggestions for hotels at the start of both roadbooks.

You will also have a chance to win one of the prizes from the €5,000 prize pool.
Order your package now and receive 1 weekend of driving fun.

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About the organizer

The Grand Touring Company is your provider of driving pleasure.

We supply road books (made-to-measure), organise rallies, design tailor-made road trips and even rent out a 1969 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300ti.

In short, all the elements for unbridled driving pleasure are our speciality.