Bric & Brac motobeurs

beZonnebeke, Belgium  
Event Type
Shows, Festivals
20 January 2019
Belgium Zonnebeke Tresorierstraat 5 8980 Zonnebeke

The purpose of this motobeurs is to bring together like-minded people during the winter period and to be busy with their favorite hobby. 
We also return our Paddetrek, a winter ride of 80 km available on Garmin Gps. 

The exhibition generally focuses on everything that has to do with motorized two-wheelers of any cylinder capacity. 
The wanted exhibitors are therefore very varied. 
For example: 

-partment sellers from old to young timers. 

(both private and professional) 

-Brand clubs that want to promote their association. 

- Workplace material, small material. 

-Seven products such as clothing, maintenance products, etc.

-Creatives who want to show their creation. 

(Motorcycles, mopeds, airbrush, artworks) - 

Sale of motorcycles. 

-Exhibition of collections. 

In short, everything that has to do with our favorite two-wheeler. 

So do not be shy and register as an exhibitor at BRIC & BRAC. 
Registration is free and can be done by calling KING 0486/68 52 10 or via [email protected]