Audis in the Park 10

gbCORBY, United Kingdom  
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Shows, Festivals
12 August 2018
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Audis in the Park

The Worlds Biggest, Best and only TRULY International Audi event!
A bold statement to make eh? The Worlds Biggest and Best eh?
Well as cheesy as it sounds, it’s FACT!

There is absolutely NOTHING in the world like Audis in the Park!
Started back in 2009, Audis in the Park (Aitp) has grown in to the monster we know and love today.
Supported by pretty much every Audi owners club in the country, Aitp soon became a talking point around the globe. Visitors from Belgium, France, Germany and Canada (to name but a few) were soon taking part in this truly International Audi event.

The philosophy is simple, “If it’s an Audi it’s Welcome”
There is no snobbery at Audis in the Park, brand new Audis, straight off the production line mix with rare classics from the golden age of Audis long and distinguished heritage.

A statement the Aitp team hate to hear is “But my car is not good enough to go on display”…..RUBBISH we say! EVERY Audi is made to feel welcome and part of the day. It’s a day of all things Audi, where owners and enthusiasts come together to swap ideas, stories and solutions. How-to tips and advice is in abundance on the field and people are always happy to share knowledge and advice.

Chilling out, relaxing around a BBQ while listening to the Live band and DJ, surrounded by a sea of some of the finest Audis in the Country……possibly the world, so what is there not to love?

Oh the entry fee? Well thats a reasonable £8.00 per person in advance or £10.00 per person on the gate. Hardly a kings ransom compared to some shows of half the size!

So what are you waiting for? Get involved! Advanced tickets are on sale now!