Ardennen Rennen

beaywaille, Belgium  
Event Type
Rally, Tour
01 October 2022 to 02 October 2022
Belgium ardennes 4920 aywaille
Event organiser
fred and mike
Inserted By
frederic peeters
[email protected]
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Already for a few years, the idea of organizing a get-together for the gentlemen racers is sprouting in our organizational brains. We finally are able now to set the date on 1-2 october of 2022. We will be driving in the Ardennes – paying tribute to the old big races of years ago that were driven with much gusto and pleasure. We will drive From Liège to Bastogne and back to Liège navigating and driving on the same roads and specials that many racers did before us ! Be prepared for a navigational tour, Discover and especially enjoy the atmosphere of the Ardennes !