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02 December 2017
Belgium Sint-Truiden Naamsesteenweg 469 3800 Sint-Truiden
[email protected]


Indeed, we are already in the 19th edition of our Doenker Wegskes and the flag covers the load, in other words, when you're afraid of darkness you'll be better at home. If you are afraid of ghosts, witches or Black Piet you will also be better at home. But when darkness, rain and wind are your allies and when it's a bit of mud, it's something for you. Stress, unmatched MG ambiance and several surprises we can already guarantee you. The more souls, the more joy, so your friends are welcome too. Friends of our friends are our friends. Bring them! Name: 19th Night of the wanderer hate Date: Saturday 2 December 2016
Offer from 18.00 H - briefing 18.45 H - first start 19.01 H 
Place: Brouwerij van Kerkom - Naamsesteenweg, 469 - 3800 Sint Truiden 
Parking behind the brewery. 
Hours: Offer from 18.00 H - First start 19.01 H 
Distance: About 100 km with several stops. Costs: 29, - EUR per car with 2 persons on board. Included in this price: our traditional soup, a delicious glass of Glühwein, sandwiches and drinks for on the road, surprises, a unique rally plate and of course a well-kept roadbook. Opportunities: 1. Recreation class: - Accessible to all and without time limits.
- The ride is about secondary roads and small to very small lanes with a maximum of street names and points of reference. - Searches during the ride. 2. Tour class: - Bol arrow with and without distances, - Fishing bat , - Signed line, arrows and blockader, - Controls and self- checks ,
Enrollment: In order to be able to handle everything properly, it is necessary that you enroll in advance. This can be done via the website of MG Club Limburg or by mail to [email protected]. Your participation will only be finalized after payment of the participation in the cost on the account number IBAN: BE66 7330 1836 3443 - BIC: KREDBEBB in the name of Jos Laureyn, mentioning your name and "Nightdog farewell" and this before Wednesday 29 November 2017 
Organization: Jos & Marie-Lou Laureyn - Do you have any questions? Then we will be happy to call your call on the number 011.68 00 82 
You can say it - continue it!

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