The 100 Miles Of Ypres

beIeper, Belgique  
Type d'événement
Course, Circuit· Rencontre Club· Rallye, Balades· Rallye Compétition
17 décembre 2022 au 17 septembre 2022
Belgique West-Vlaanderen 8900 Ieper Ieper Markt
Site Internet
Organisateur d'événements
Lawrence Bossaert
Inserted By
Michael Bossaert
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The 100 Miles is an event like no others. A car rally for pre-war cars the Thrid weekend of December, in the night. December 17th 2022, In Ypres!​

The event is not designed as a test of speed, but of the reliability of the motorcar under harsh conditions, and of the consistency and skills of driver and mechanic. The objective is to complete the course, visiting all of the control points along the way in the correct order and within the set time. The normal traffic regulations prevail always above the indications in these regulations.

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