ARCSA Concorso d'Eleganza

zaModderfontein, Afrique du Sud  
Type d'événement
Exposition, Salon· Autre
18 septembre 2022
Afrique du Sud Gauteng Modderfontein Modderfontein Bird & Sculpture Park, Cnr Queens street and Valley road
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Organisateur d'événements
Joe Smith
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Our Annnual Concorso D’Eleganza will take place at the Bird Sanctuary in Modderfontein on Sunday 18 September 2022. Contact Lynda ([email protected] or 0646476379) for the rules and regulations for each class. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Lynda as well.
If you are entering D’Etat or D’Elegance please can you let Lynda know so we can ensure we have sufficient judges for both. As you know one car takes a very long time to critic and we want proceedings to go as quickly and smoothly as possible.
YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU. We need volunteers on the day to assist with various duties. If you are entering and have teenagers bring them along to assist. Duties include demarcating Class parking areas, handing the correct Class entry form to entrants and directing them to their allocated Class parking area. Simple! Gates will be open from around 06h00 and entries will close at 08h00 for judging to commence at 09h00, Guys and Gals, we do not ask a lot from our members so please put up your hands. Two hours, that’s all we ask to make this special day more memorable. Again please let us know so we can plan accordingly.
All that’s left to do is grab a bucket, head for the garage and start those arm exercises

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