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Rally, Tour
15 September 2011 to 25 September 2011
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You now have the opportunity to participate in the last adventure for historical vehicles:

The First Great China Rally. (15 till 25 september 2011). (10 till 25 with Extra Pre-Event Tourist Program)

Update: Register here for the Convention China Rally on Saturday 2/04 at Techno Classica Essen

The First China Rally will be for the true adventurer. Not because the voyage or rally involves any risk, but it's the only "unknown" civilized territory left on the planet to drive with a classic car. I'm sure you wish you could say "YES, I was one of the first pioneers back in 2011, driving my Vette or Ferrari through China". Now the second subject that raises into your mind after you made the former declaration is ...the price... (going there, shipping my car there and get everything back).

Let me reassure you: the price won't be an excuse not to do it. It's no secret: I can tell you immediately the kind of budget you approximately need (entry fee around 6.000 euro for two minus some discounts is 5.700 euro, shipping around 2.800 euro, plane tickets 1.500 euro for two, some pocket money and fuel 500 euro, makes total around 10.500 euro). Ok 10.500 euro is a lot of money but for this level of adventure it is really really small money! People who used to participate in this level of rally would expect a needed budget of minimum 25.000 euro.

Please compare it with other similar voyages and you'll find out that:
1. it costs 3 times more for comparable expeditions.
2. If you participate in a small rally, you'll actually need 10.000 euro to drive around the nearest church in a neighboring country.

So don't wait too long to fix your entry, only 50 cars are allowed (from all over the world!). Contact us and fix your entry date now. Download and send the forms to us and pay 1.000 euro deposit (please use Paypal - [email protected]) to fix your entry date. If your car's paperwork is not approved, or you changed your mind for whatever reason, we refund you the 1.000 euro completely without any question and your number of entry goes to the next.
(Once your dossier is accepted by the Chinese organizer, you will be asked to pay the balance through banc transfer. The shipping can be paid directly to the shipment company afterwards).

See video (bottom of this page) of the Louis Vuitton Classic China Run 1998 - If you weren't there, don't miss this one!

From 18th September to 23rd September 2011, the regularity rally for historic cars called "China Rally of International Classic Cars 2011" will be organized for the first time by Classic Vehicle Union of China, which will be recognized as FIVA B event.

Just like the legendary Mille Miglia, this 6 days rally will run about 1000 miles (1600km), starting from the capital of China: Beijing, through Tianjin, Jinan, Xuzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou and finishing in Shanghai with full wonderful Chinese sightseeing along the route, such as the Great Wall, hometown of Confucius, Chinese Venice (city upon water), etc...

China is the only country in the world who has the uninterrupted history for over 5000 years. There is not only the 1/4 population on earth, but also beautiful landscape and gorgeous civilization. In the recent half century, China has been deeply focused by the world, especially the wonder of the economical growth in the last 30 years, which reached the peak as the Olympic Games was held in August 2008 in Beijing.

103 years ago, Prince Borghese started the rally from Beijing to Paris, which has become our permanent memory. After more than one century another grand event of historic cars will be held in this old country again. About 50 international oldtimers will gather during the event. They will start from the capital of China – Beijing, driving through Tianjin, Jinan, Xuzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou and arrive in Shanghai for 1600km in 6 days (267km/day in average). The Great Wall, the bird nest, the water cube, the forbidden city, the summer palace, the Yangtze river, etc. They all will become the part of the event. The developing China opens the arms and invites friends from the world to feel and experience this extraordinary.

1. Official title of the Event: China Rally of International Classic Cars 2011
2. Level of the Event: FIVA B Event
3. Organization approved by:

1. The Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China
2. General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China
3. National Tourism Administration of the People's Republic of China


Organizer: Classic Vehicle Union of China (CVUC)
Co-organizer: China Automobile Culture Website (CACC)
- Federation Internationale Vehicules Anciens (FIVA)
- ANFs & Members of FIVA
- Federation of Automobile Sports of China (FASC)
- China Central Television Station (CCTV)
- Main Auto Channel Union of China (MACUC, incl. 25 main automobile channels in China)
- CollectionCar.com – The classic car network.
Period: 18th September – 23rd September 2011
Form: Regularity Rally
Route: Beijing – Tianjin – Jinan – Xuzhou – Nanjing – Hangzhou – Shanghai
The whole route will be divided into 6 themes day by day with different landscapes.

1. 15th September 2011 Registration for participants at Hotel in Beijing
Training for Chinese traffic law at Hotel in the evening.

2. 16th September 2011 Pickup cars at Tianjin Xingang Port and drive back to Hotel in Beijing.
Preparation for cars at Hotel in Beijing.

3. 17th September 2011 Scrutineering at Hotel in Beijing. Tourism program in Beijing.

4. 18th September 2011 - Day 1 of China Rally of International Classic Cars 2011.
Opening ceremony at Juyong Pass of the Great Wall in Beijing.

5. 19th September 2011 - Day 2 of China Rally of International Classic Cars 2011.

6. 20th September 2011 - Day 3 of China Rally of International Classic Cars 2011.

7. 21st September 2011 - Day 4 of China Rally of International Classic Cars 2011.

8. 22nd September 2011 - Day 5 of China Rally of International Classic Cars 2011.

9. 23rd September 2011 - Day 6 of China Rally of International Classic Cars 2011.
Closure ceremony in Anting in Shanghai. Celebration party/Awards party.

10. 24th September 2011. Drive the cars to Shanghai port for shipping back.
Tourism program in Shanghai.

11. 25th September 2011 Breakfast at Hotel in Shanghai, the end of the event.
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