Monkey Run Rally 2019 Open

beLonderzeel, Belgium   es Barcelona - Ibiza - Marrakech - Marbella, Spain
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Rally, Tour· Other· Club Meeting
01 June 2019 to 10 June 2019
Departure location
Belgium Londerzeel 1840 Londerzeel Weversstraat 7
Arrival location
Spain Marbella 0000 Barcelona - Ibiza - Marrakech - Marbella Puerto Banús
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Monkey Run Rally 2019

Dear friends,

I hope you are well.
Monkey Run Rally "a rally, two countries".
Every day is an invitation to the joys of driving, cultural wealth and the art of living.
A trip designed for lovers of open spaces, freedom and nature.
We invite you to share this rally-trip-adventures on our website:
Opening of registrations. 

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Barcelone, Ibiza , Marrakech, Marbella

The 2019 edition will take you from Spain to Morocco for a 10-day journey.
“Monkey Run Rally” will take you from the coasts of Spain to the North of Morocco, for a 10-day trip.
Whether your original departure is here or elsewhere, we look forward to seeing you in Barcelona, which will be the starting point for a superb regularity rally, which will immerse you in an adventure punctuated by many unusual discoveries.
At the wheel of your prestigious car, ancestor or GT Sport, the “Monkey Run Rally” offers you a magnificent rally in exceptional conditions, combining the pleasure of driving with the discovery of distant horizons.