LeoClassics XL

beLeopoldsburg, Belgium  
Event Type
Shows, Festivals
03 June 2018
Belgium Leopoldsburg Nicolaylaan 3970 Leopoldsburg

This is the second year that we organize LeoClassics XL in our beautiful soldiers' town. 
The original concept of last year turned out to be a huge success for old-timer enthusiasts all over the country. 
Leopoldsburg is recreated in "Oldtimer City" and is divided into zones. Leopoldsburg's unique checkerboard pattern gives us the chance to divide it into land zones. Each zone becomes a specific country (GB, La France, USA, Deutschland, etc.) The local catering industry and we ourselves decorate these zones according to the respective theme. 
For lovers there is a tour along beautiful roads, military and tourist attractions. 
More information will follow in the coming months. 
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