Le Mans Legend

frLe Mans, France  
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Rally, Tour
13 June 2009
France Le Mans
+ 44 (0)1379 678101
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Motor Racing Legends is responsible for the historic support races at the modern Le Mans 24 Hours. The races are exclusively for Le Mans and Le Mans-type cars. In front of the vast Le Mans crowd, and basking in the unrivalled atmosphere of the greatest endurance race in the world, legendary battles of the past are fought again on the full 8.5-mile circuit. These are serious races – not parades – with classes based on engine size and age of car.

Le Mans LegendsThe inaugural Le Mans Legend in 2001 accepted cars which ran between 1949 and 1965; in 2003 the eligible years were 1959 to 1971. In 2004 the fabulous Group C, GTP and IMSA sports cars of the 1980s and 90s raced again at their spiritual home, while 2005 covered the 1935 to 1955 era. In celebrationof the Centenary of the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, 2006 saw two historic support races: 1923-1939, and post-War cars up to 1954. For 2007, the race covered 1956-1968 and the start of the great Ferrari vs Ford battles; 2008 saw the return of the Group C cars; and 2009 will again welcome cars from the 1949-65 era to do battle at Le Mans
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