Historic Tulpenrally

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Rally, Tour
01 May 2011 to 07 May 2011
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The 58th International Historic Tulpenrallye will be organized between 1 and 7 May 2011. De 58th edition of the eldest, largest and most well known event for classic cars in the Netherlands will again be a sportive and competitive challenge for the participating cars and their crews. During the days the crews in the different classes will compete in order to find the right routes, to pass the correct time controls at the right time and to have their passing tomes noted correctly at these controls, whereas after every stage there is sufficient time for relaxing, entertainment and networking at the unique lunch locations and the beautiful villages where the dinners are being organized. The concept of the event will largely be identical to the successful editions of the most recent years. The route will again be constructed by Adrie Brugmans and Jaap Daamen.


The start of the 58th Tulpenrallye will be held on Sunday 1 May in the neighbourhood of Bergerac in the Dordogne in France. Bergerac is located appr. 1000 km from Utrecht in the Netherlands and can be reached by car, train and plane (airports in both Bergerac as well as Bordeaux at 100 km). The cocktail reception with all participants and officials will be held on Sunday afternoon in the beautiful Chateau des Vigiers in Monestier which is located appr. 15 km from Bergerac. This will also be the location for the start of the rally on Monday 2 May.

The first three days of the event will be driven in a totally new area for the rally, with truely beautiful routes through the Acquitane, the Midi-Pyrénées and the Auvergne. The stop on Monday evening will be in Montauban, which is only 200 km away from the Mediterranean Sea. The route on Tuesday will be to Rodez, whereas Vichy will be visited on Wednesday (this is where the 57th Tulpenrallye started in 2010). From Vichy the route will continue in northerly direction with a stop on Thursday in Troyes. The rally will leave France on the Friday, and will finish that evening in Dinant in the Belgian Ardennes. The last stage is planned for Saturday 7 May and will bring the crews to the finish at the Grand Hotel ‘Huis ter Duin’ in Noordwijk in the Netherlands. Prior to the finish in Noordwijk the crews will do their final performance in the TulpenrallyeSprint at the boulevard in Noordwijk, after which they will receive their well deserved tulips at the finish where they can also enjoy the traditional herring and korenwijn (Dutch genever).

The length of the rally for the Expert class is appr. 2400 km, for the Sporting class appr. 2300 km, for the Touring class appr. 2200 km and for the Vintage class appr. 1900 km, divided over legs that have been sub-divided into multiple stages.


It is possible to participate in the:

· Vintage class, for cars that have been built before 1950;

· Touring class, for competitors with little or no rally experience;

· Sporting class, for the more experienced crews;

· Expert class, in which the crews with most rally experience will compete against each other;

Cars in the Expert-, Sporting- and Touring classes must have been built before 31-12-1971; in the Vintage class this date has been defined as 01-01-1950 (the actual year of construction of the car is decisive for this). All four classes drive their separate routes based on an own route book per class (which will be handed out per leg at the start of that leg) and separate classifications will be published for every class. The crew that wins the Expert class is the overall winner of the 58th International Historic Tulpenrallye.

The Expert and the Sporting classes will every day drive a regularity stage as well and for all classes a challenging driving test will be organized every day on a closed location. An evening stage is being planned for the Expert class on the Tuesday evening. In order to allow competitors to get to know as many colleagues as possible, the starting order per class will be changed every day.

Next to personal prizes in all four classes, based on the classifications per class, there will be prizes for the day winners per class. There will also be prizes for the best performances per car brand. Crews can next to that enter in the competitions for club and / or car make teams. There will be a separate team prize under the name Nations Cup, for country teams that will be created by the organizing committee.

Entry in the Expert class is compulsory for navigators that finished in the top-5 in the Sporting class in 2008, 2009 or 2010 or finished in the top-5 in the Expert class in 2008, 2009 or 2010. The Sporting class is compulsory for navigators that finished in the top-5 in the Touring class in 2008, 2009 or 2010.


Registration for the 58th Tulpenrallye is based on invitation only . Registration can be done from Monday 6 December 2010 onwards and can only be done via the website www.tulpenrallye.nl (the preliminary regulations can be found on the site as well as all other required information about the event). The registration will close on 15 March 2011, or earlier when the maximum number of registrations of 200 has been reached.

For the registration, the following is required:

· Colour photographs of both driver and navigator (for the programme book);

· Colour photograph of the car; Minimum resolution: 1024 * 768 (for the website and the programme book);

Crews also need to have available the following::

· FIVA Identity Card. This is required at the conformity control of the car (www.fiva.nu);

· Assurance confirmation (www.assurantieverklaring.nl);

· Valid driving license of the driver;

· Valid APK certificate (if applicable);

After the entry form has been entirely completed on the website, a confirmation mail will be sent to you once the registration has been accepted. The entry fee in 2011 is 1950 Euro, which includes 6 dinners (including the gala dinner and the festive prize giving on Saturday in Grand Hotel ‘Huis ter Duin’)and 6 lunches for both members of the crew as well as all required competition materials. Hotels should be booked by yourself and are for your own account.

The conformity control for the Dutch crews will be held on Saturday 16 April 2011 at Crea & Artiva in Nijkerk, the Netherlands. For the foreign crews a conformity control will be held on Sunday 1 May 2011 in Monestier, followed by a special welcome and briefing session for all foreign crews.

With kind regards

The organizing committee
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