GEM'mekesrit (Asse-Kobbegem)

beAsse-Kobbegem, Belgium  
Event Type
Rally, Tour
01 October 2017
Belgium Asse-Kobbegem Lierput 3 1730 Asse-Kobbegem
[email protected]

This ride was originally planned on 23/04/2017 but was postponed by Marita Vernaillen, ACA board member and secretary and partner of our chairman on 10/04/2017. Those who participated in one or more ACA rides will undoubtedly remember Marita's soft smile. An ACA ride started and still begins at the enrollment table where two lovely ladies hand over the participants: the roadbook, the ride plate, the drink jetons and often some sponsor gifts. Dear Marita, dear darling, we will miss you permanently.         

Late last season, popular rider Walter (Wally) Huyghebaert came up with the luminous idea of ​​a GEM'mekes ride. A what ? A watt? Well, yes, a trip along villages, cities whose name ends at GEM, he answered simply! 
Do you have any idea how much there are? 
We will continue to owe you the answer for the moment. 
Maybe you may find it possible to earn a prize ... (continued) 
For this 1st GEM'mekes we start in our own area, but we can still have some years further ... 
This first edition we start in KobbeGEM, we drive along ReleGEM, NeiGEM, WoubrechteGEM, HelderGEM, SolarGEM, AaiGEM, OordeGEM, GijzeGEM to land / end 
in BaardeGEM as the final destination .
Like the ACA, a Walter beautifully chosen and worked ride with everything on and off. 

Pre-registration until Mon 25/09/2017 (on location = higher price) 

Pre-registration fee! 

So we will leave rooms in KobbeGEM with us Marleen - Café Het Witpaard - Lierput 3 - 1730 Asse-Kobbegem 
Registration table: from 9.30-10u15 Breefing + start: around 10.30pm 

By pre-registration via the website: for ACA members € 13, non-members € 16, all co- 
drivers (non-compulsory) pay € 7 per registrant you will receive beverage taps (the drivers will receive the highly-deserved ride plate of course 
, not yet convinced that pre-registration pay and pay on the spot, which can be: driver € 19, co-drivers € 8
The original original ride with ACA signature. Do not miss so!

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