Carovana Romantica International Classic Cars Rally

itMonopoli (BR), Italy   it Lecce, Italy
Event Type
Rally, Tour
20 September 2024 to 28 September 2024
Departure location
Italy Puglia 70043 Monopoli (BR)
Arrival location
Italy Puglia 73100 Lecce
Event organiser
Mediterranean Escapes International
Inserted By
Stefano D'Ammassa

Carovana Romantica is a long distance touring rally, open to 35 vintage and classic cars, built from 1918 to 1969, driving around 900 km in 8 days.
Carovana is aimed at vintage and classic cars enthusiasts owners who want to share driving experiences discovering the beauties of Italy, along breathtaking itineraries, through UNESCO heritage sites, as well as remote countryside and “hidden” places.
A new journey is planned every year, to discover cities, small villages and extraordinary places in Italy.

The 2024 Rally returns to the sunny lands of Southern Italy, across Puglia and Basilicata Regions. An itinerary to discover the legacy of Frederick II of Swabia, the "Stupor Mundi",
From the expanses of olive trees in the Itria Valley in Puglia, through the UNESCO sites of Alberobello, Cisternino and Martina Franca, to the remote hills of Daunia, up to Basilicata region, with a stage at the "Sassi" of Matera (UNIESCO Heritage), Driving through the canyons of the Gravine, the rally will reach the archaeological sites evidence of the settlements of Magna Graecia.