17de Kabouterrit

beOostkerke, Belgium  
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Shows, Festivals
16 June 2019
Belgium Oostkerke Sint-Kwintensstraat 7 8340 Oostkerke

Everything takes place in the "De Beuterblomme" hall in the center of Oostkerke (Sint-Kwintensstraat 7) in the beautiful setting around the church. Oostkerke is a borough of Damme (West Flanders)
For vehicles with a year of construction up to and including 1990, 100 cars are allowed. There is a stopover at 10 o'clock in the morning "Lodewijk van Male" Sint-Kruis / Brugge. In the afternoon we stop at 3 pm in the Valkeniershof in IJzendijke / the Netherlands.
Participating in the ride is no longer possible, it is already full since Monday, January 14.