Salon Autos Motos 2018 à Bazas

frBazas (33), Frankrijk  
Type evenement
Tentoonstelling, Festival, Salon· Rally, Uitstap· Beurs/Autojubble
29 juli 2018
Frankrijk Bazas (33)
Evenementen organisator
Rétro mobile club du bazadais
[email protected]
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Simply extraordinary!

5th edition of the Mobile Retro show
On July 29, 2018, the Bazadais Mobile Retro will open its doors and you will discover treasures of locomotion.
Each year, we find a new way to explore the exciting past, present and future of the automotive world.
In 2018, we will be celebrating race machines that were so fast, powerful, expensive or complicated that rules had to be changed to master them.