Rallye de Raulhac en Carladès(Z)

frRaulhac (15), Frankrijk  
Type evenement
Rally, Uitstap· Tentoonstelling, Festival, Salon
07 juli 2018 tot 08 juli 2018
Frankrijk Raulhac (15)
Animation Raulhac
[email protected]
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From Saturday 7 to Sunday 8 July 2018, Animation Raulhac organizes the Raulhac Rally in Carladès (z). Old vehicles and "Youngtimers" meet in the "Petite Cité de Caractère®" for a colorful rally, discovering Carladès (z) and Chataîgneraie.

Saturday July 7th
Reception and distribution of Road book and souvenir plates from 8:30 in the village square. The start of the rally will be given at 9 o'clock. The crews will be able to eat at 12.30 in the restaurant "La Bergerie" in Vezels-Roussy. Resume the ride at 14:30 for a return to Raulhac at 18 hours. Award ceremony and reception of wine at 19 hours before the musical meal, hosted by the Gus Bacchus Group Orchestra, at the Maison du Temps Libre at 8 pm

Sunday, July 8
Departure of the short circuit at 9.30 and local meal at the Maison du temps libre at 12.30.
All day long: Attic empty, ambulatory animation, parade of flowers bicycles for children, musical entertainment, exhibition of old vehicles.
Registration required before June 25, 2018.

Raulhac Entertainment
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