Les RV de Bel Air - Aout 2018

frLa Rochepot (21), Frankrijk  
Type evenement
Club Meeting
11 augustus 2018
Frankrijk La Rochepot (21)
Evenementen organisator
AOC Beaune (Automobiles d'Origine et de Collection)
[email protected]
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Every 2nd Saturday of the month, from April to October 2018, at the place called Bel Air, on the D906 (ex-Nationale 6) 10 km from Beaune in the town of La Rochepot, around a former petrol station from the 60's, entirely renovated, the AOC club Beaune 21200 (cars of origin and collection) welcomes all lovers of vintage vehicles (cars and motorcycles) with each monthly appointment a different theme.
The lastRV of November will take place in Beaune
Large parking capacity 450 vehicles.
Buvette- Possibility of small meals on site -
Access in the direction Paris-Lyon or Lyon-Paris. Follow the directions of the club volunteers for parking. Do not cut the double white line because top of coast.

The reception is provided between 9:00 and 14:30. Come and share a moment of conviviality around the old car.