Type evenement
Rally, Uitstap
23 oktober 2009 tot 29 oktober 2009
This internationally acclaimed event had its beginnings in the 50's, to celebrate the inauguration the highway that would cross the entire American continent under the direction of Mexican president Miguel Aleman. Organizers invited the best drivers as well as automotive brands that were the stars of the racing sports of this time. Some of these brands had already reached 50 years established on America. After four consecutive years, this event came to an end as safety became a major issue after several tragic accidents.

Despite the dangers of the original event, the experiences were so positive to the extent that in 1988 it was resurrected with the original cars of that era but with modern safety guards. As of today, this event has reached 21 uninterrupted editions; and manages to obtain 80 - 100 participant automobiles and the exhilaration of an audience who enjoys every moment of it along with the magnificent scenery Mexico has to offer.

Different car clubs and drivers participate from all over America and Europe with cars from the 1940-1965 period in different categories, with modifications that underline the participants safety, allowing the use of brand new technology in some parts. (disc brakes, fuel cells, etc.)

Although every participant feels like a celebrity since they are all treated as such, this event has had some world renowned celebrities who have participated over the years, among them are:

Formula 1 drivers - Guy Edwards, Clay Regazzoni, Philippe Aliot; Le Mans drivers - Alain de Cadenet, Robert Lamplough; Alistair Caldwell (former team manager Mc Laren), Mark Knopffer from Dire Staits, Nick Mason & David Gilmour from Pink Floyd, Adrian Paul (Highlander), race cars designers - Jon Ward & Knight Rider, Royalty members - Carol Spagg, Valentine Lindsay, Renato Bicciato, Burhardt von Schenk, Ludovic Lindsay, Cars museums owners - Herve Ogliastro, Arturo Pérez, Dave Petersen and several top executives from international corporations Bill Shanahan, Roberto Albarrán, Eduardo Baptista, Joe Sexton, Manfredo Lippmann, Mike Wilfley, Enrique Coma Cross, Graham Walker, Michael Stoschek, Sam Walton, to mention some from the list of many passionate collectors and classic cars racers.

Sponsors have included Telmex, Tag Heuer, Hot Wheels, Ferrari, Fiat, Mercedes Benz, Bar Honda F1, Harper´s, Remosa engines, Corona beer, Pfizer, Ford, Kodak, Coca Cola, Fila, Furor jeans, Nokia, Telcel, Bancomer.
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