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12 maart 2010 tot 14 maart 2010
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The crème de la chrome at the tenth anniversary

Retro Classics 2010 in eight halls, each with its own highlights / Mazda Classic Show / Special show - 100 years of Alfa Romeo / Mercedes Design

Retro Classics will be presenting its successful concept of “themed halls” once again in 2010, the tenth anniversary of the event. Presented in Stuttgart will be, accurately described, the “crème de la chrome” of classic cars. During the last ten years, Stuttgart’s automobile show has developed to become one of the highlights and must-see events on the international classic car scene. After starting out in the crowded halls of the earlier trade fair grounds at Killesberg, Retro Classics today occupies an entire 100,000 square metres at the new trade fair centre. In each of the eight halls, just as many as the previous year, there will be individual themes presented. From the pre-war cars to the ever-youthful youngtimers, from the legendary racing cars to the classic cars of the future, there is something spectacular for every classic car fan and motor sports enthusiast.

Two spectacular events will greet visitors when they reach the East entrance. The Schörghuber Group will be displaying six of its racing car classics in the foyer, among them the original Porsche Type 64 from the 1939 Berlin-Rome rally. In the atrium, the Mercedes-Benz Design Center from Sindelfingen will be exhibiting a spectacular array of studies, drawings, models and concept cars from the creative core of the concern.

Hall 1 will be home to, among other highlights, the large car manufacturers and suppliers such as Jaguar, Aston Martin, Ferrari and Peugeot, as well as top-class restorers and premium dealers such as Klaus Kienle, Horch Classic GmbH (Joachim Appel) and Mirbach. Daimler AG with the Mercedes Classic Center, Meilenwerk and Schwabengarage will be impressively represented, as will the various traditional departments, for example, from Bosch. A special show “200 Years of Peugeot” will also feature. A real must-see feature is the collection of 20 rare cars from Japan, a unique public exhibition taking place for the first time in Germany. The Frey private collection from Augsburg will be bringing approximately 20 Mazdas, ranging from the late 1950s to the mid 1970s, to Stuttgart. In addition to this “Mazda Classic Show”, classic car fans can once again look forward to experiencing and taking part in a particularly special auction. Lankes Auction House will be exhibiting cars, automobila, supplies and accessories in the gallery on 2,500 square metres of exhibition space, all of which will come under the hammer on Friday and Saturday. Hall 1 would not be complete without lifestyle partners and in the coming year, new exhibitors will include Swarovski with jewellery and watches, Spectral (special A/V furniture), Silhouette (high-quality glasses), Uhl Schöner Leben (Credo furniture) and Peter Hahn with the latest fashion.

“Neo Classics” and electric-powered cars from the past 110 years
Further leading dealerships and restoration garages will be setting up their stands in Hall 3, in the same hall as that of “Neo Classics”, a theme enjoying growing popularity among the visitors. “With the move to the ultra-modern trade fair grounds in Stuttgart, we have developed two important sections within the Retro Classics event and established them as independent segments of the trade fair”, says Ulrich Herrmann, organiser of Stuttgart’s classic car trade fair, and these two areas are set to grow further in 2010. Hermann explains that there will be the ‘Neo Classics’ area, in which “the latest luxury limousines, special edition cars and sports cars will be on display, cars which due to their low numbers are already deemed to be classics today. “Of course brands such as Lotus, Maserati, Lamborghini and Ferrari or unique examples from Relux, Lorinser and Pagani will play a significant role. Almost in contrast to the classic cars of the coming decades, Hall 3 will host the special show “110 Years of Electric Mobility”. Around 30 cars, all electric cars from 1900 to the present day, will display the exciting development of this seminal alternative drive system.

Focus on ‘Youngtimers’ in Hall 5
The second and considerably larger area within Retro Classics will be dedicated to the increasingly important theme of “youngtimers” in Hall 5; cars which, depending on the model, have been “on the road” for at least 20 to 25 years. Messe Stuttgart will once again be presenting a separate youngtimers show with all their various facets and features. “We are preparing an entire trade fair hall with 10,000 square metres of space for the youngtimers”, explains Herrmann, “whereby, in addition to brands such as Mercedes, Porsche and VW, models from other clubs will also be playing a central part.” In line with this segment, Motor Presse Stuttgart is organising a special competition under the title “Youngtimers”; a ‘Concours de Nonchalance’ of 30 cars which have been chosen by readers of the specialist magazine. And while this is all going on in Hall 5, in Hall 7, the “Country Hall”, all the German classic car clubs will be meeting, as well as the international clubs who will be displaying valuable cars from Italy, Great Britain and France.

Motor sports hall with special show “100 Years of Alfa Romeo”
A real winner among the visitors right from the word go was the motor sports hall. As an outstanding top event, “Mythos Solitude” in Hall 4 will be once again dedicated to the theme of motor sports. On 10,000 square metres of exhibition space, fans will find every sports car imaginable, as well as classic motorcycles and organisers who specialise in veteran rallies. Two special shows taking place on an overall space of 5,000 square metres will be the highlights of this hall. There will be a world premiere of the legendary ‘Alfa Romeo’ brand which is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Around 50 unique samples from the private collection of Corrado Lopresto, as well as the Alfa-Romeo-Museum in Arese in Milan, will be on display. On the 4,000 square metres of space dedicated to the two-wheelers, which has doubled in size, Hockenheim Ring and BMW will be presented, along with other brands.

Car sales market for private sellers and dealers in Hall 6
Another highlight can be seen in Hall 6, featured for the second time following its success this March: approximately 240 vehicles changed hands at the premiere event. This hall will once again host a vibrant market of more than 350 cars manufactured no later than 1984. Here the much-loved car sales market for private sellers and dealers at which cars are advertised and sold will be drawing in visitors on all three trade fair days. Fees for the duration of the entire trade fair are €180 per vehicle and €75 per two-wheeler.
Model car enthusiasts can also visit “Automania” in the same hall at their own expense.

Omnibuses, lorries, fire engines and tractors
The new trade fair grounds provides Retro Classics with enough space to expand its portfolio with additional special themes. Taking place for the third time will be a show about historic agricultural machines and tractors, on display in Hall 8 on a surface area of approximately 2,500 square metres. This exhibition is complemented by a further 7,500 square metres where a variety of omnibuses, lorries, tractors and fire engines will be on display. The entire historic agricultural machines and tractors area will be divided into three. Those taking part include, in addition to a good 100 tractor clubs from Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and the Rhineland-Palatinate, current manufacturing businesses such as Fendt, John Deere, McCormick and Massey-Ferguson who will be represented by their traditional vehicle departments, as well as the tractor traders and the area for important accessories and spare parts.

NVG, the Association of Commercial Vehicle Enthusiasts ( ), will be represented with its historic tractors and dump trucks. The trade fair hall will be complemented with a series of historic fire engines and classic omnibuses which were previously in the “Auwärter Hall” in the former trade fair grounds. Konrad Auwärter from the Neoplan dynasty will be showing around two dozen impressive examples from the car manufacturing history at Retro Classics for the eighth time already. Included here are various classic cars from Kässbohrer / Setra, Mercedes-Benz, Saurer, Steyr, Büssing and, of course, Neoplan. The cars are not only coming from Germany but also from eastern France, Austria and Switzerland.

Accessories and international parts market in Hall 9
In Hall 9, collectors, fans and enthusiasts come to search out accessories and original parts for their classic cars at the international parts market. Several hundred dealers will gather at the parts market with products on offer for the duration of the trade fair. Small parts purchased during the trade fair can be kept in the cloakroom during the trade fair opening times.

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