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Rally, Uitstap· Tentoonstelling, Festival, Salon· Andere
07 juli 2018 tot 08 juli 2018
Frankrijk Malijai (04)
Evenementen organisator
Team Rallye Passion
[email protected]
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In order to share his passion of the rally, the Team Rallye Passion organizes the celebration of motor sport.
During these 2 days:
- pilots can share their passion by allowing novices to make a baptism at their side on a closed road (stretch of 1.7km go then return to do)
- Rally fans can experience a baptism for the sum of 5EUR
- entertainment is provided for children
- a dance meal is organized on Saturday evening
- everyone can meet other enthusiasts, discover motorsport ...

Many surprises are being prepared :)
Info / bookings / news:
Facebook: 13th party of the sport car
Tel: 06 67 44 22 74/06 78 64 35 06
Mail: [email protected]