2e Rallye Iberica 2018

frBilbao (Espagne - Portugal), Frankrijk  
Type evenement
Rally, Uitstap
26 mei 2018 tot 06 juni 2018
Frankrijk Bilbao (Espagne - Portugal)
Evenementen organisator
Savane Aventure
[email protected]
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Organized by Savane Aventure, 6 way of the Antenna, Les Essarts, 76530 Grand-Couronne. T. or Website: http://savane-aventure.fr. Mail: [email protected]
Tourist rally reserved for vehicles aged 30 and over. Departure to Bilbao, arrival in Pamplona via the paths of Compostela with stops in Oviedo, Cangas del Narcea, Santiago de Compostela, Esposende (two nights), Viseu, Salamanca, Segovia and Burgos. Detour by the Bardenas, mineral desert evoking the Moroccan Atlas and the Grand Canyon.
Entry fee: 1.350 EUR per person half board in high-end hotels + 1% for personal assistance. Included mechanical assistance.