Fiat 500 [Pre-75] - 1964
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Fiat 500 [Pre-75]
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Fiat 500 nuova D model gray 1964.
We found this Fiat 500 nuova D model through one of our Italian contacts. We bought the cart from the 2nd owner, an 85 year old gentleman.

This man has owned the Fiat for years and used the car for short trips in the area, and he did the maintenance himself until a few years ago. Mileage at the moment is 22327 km.

This Fiat 500 nuova is therefore an unrestored car and was even repainted once by the previous owner himself.

The Fiat is from the year 15-04-1964 and we put the car on a Dutch registration on 17-1-2021.

There is a luggage rack on the rear engine cover, and under the dashboard is a luggage rack, the latter seems to have been there as long as the car is old. The hubcaps, and the headlight edges, and the various strips are still the original aluminum ones.

The Fiat still has the original jack, warning triangle, and tool set. The engine is still original from the D model with the small air filter.

The upholstery is diverse!! And this indicates exactly the condition and atmosphere of the car

With this Fiat from 1964 it is important to take a good look at the almost 70 photos of the car, it is not a top restored car, in fact it has not been restored. The paint is not of the best quality, there is minimal welding on the car but nothing dramatic. Technically it is in good condition and the Fiat drives excellently

If you are looking for a Fiat 500 in a beautiful to perfect condition, you should look at our other Fiats on our website, but are you looking for something really special and do you want to be seen in it and which is full of patina and …… what really shows age then is this it.

Please note this is a D model Nuova from 1964 with the doors wrong which makes it even more special.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about this Fiat.

We can also export this Fiat to anywhere in the world and provide it with the necessary export documents. Inquire about the possibilities.

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